an original solution to do away with passwords

With the resurgence of online piracy, security is today turning to biometric identification. But what we know today is nothing compared to what PayPal is talking about.

pillsThe company specializing in secure online payment is already working on a new generation of identification processes taking the form of injectable or ingestible devices.

Jonathan LeBlanc thus evokes devices that can range from the capsule to be swallowed to the brain implant. These devices should offer "natural identification by the body", the user himself becoming the sesame allowing him to access his various online accounts.

These chips would display a more complex system than a simple RFID chip as we can use them today. It would be a question of microprocessors capable of monitoring the temperature, the heartbeats, even the chemical composition of the wearer's blood to establish a personalized profile, a unique signature which would allow to generate a decryption key.

This system would be much more secure than the use of fingerprint identification. " As long as passwords remain the standard method of identifying users on the Internet, people will continue to use 'letmein' or "password123" to secure their logins, and they will continue to be shocked when their accounts are compromised. "

PayPal is already working with a few partners to develop vein recognition technologies and bracelets to recognize heartbeats with a view to associating them with security systems.

The firm specifies that it does not aim to offer pills or implants, or even to develop them seriously in the immediate future. It is only a simple idea, which deserves reflection.

And if PayPal is very interested in the subject, it is because the firm thinks that by reassuring users on the security of its service, the consumer will be better able to multiply purchases, and to earn commissions on payments. by the way …