An official biography of Steve Jobs in 2012

An official biography of Steve Jobs in 2012

Like other great celebrities of the plant, Steve Jobs will also have his official biography. His arrival is expected in bookstores next year and will be assured by the American editor Simon & Schuster.

Nice touch for the American publishing house Simon & Schuster. The latter has just won a privilege coveted by hundreds of biographers, it is she who will publish the authorized biography of Steve Jobs. Written by Walter Isaacson, "iSteve: Free Jobs," is the name of the future book, will be available on the shelves early next year, in the United States, at first.

If we know that the author of the future biography is also the biographer of Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin, he already warns that he promises a reference book on “the unique story of a revolutionary genius ". To this end, the author was able to interview all the major players in the life of the Apple boss: members of his family, Apple employees and of course Steve Jobs himself, a collection of testimonials for a biography of the one who is considered one of the most influential bosses of the plant.

Unauthorized biographies of the Apple boss have been published in the past. The latter did not fail to arouse Apple's anger and more particularly by the last published to date, that carried out in 2005 by Jeffrey S. Young and William L. Simon. The authors indicated in the book that Steve Jobs had an authoritarian managerial management and also alluded to his relationship with the singer Joan Baez that he could have married if his age (41 years old at the time) had not compromised his hope of 'have children.

This announcement of biography comes during a period of doubt. Jobs, 56, a liver transplant three years ago, stepped down from management last January. Its last appearance was last March, when the iPad 2 was announced.

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