An LG smartphone with a second screen?

Image 1 : Un smartphone LG avec un second Ă©cran ?

Image 1: An LG smartphone with a second screen?

According to anonymous sources cited by CNET, LG would unveil a smartphone with two screens at the next Mobile World Congress.

The optional “second screen” would look like a shell with display system. Even if no confirmation has been made, the South Korean firm is already preparing the ground. She bought evocative brand names like Foldi and Duplex.

Google has promised that its operating system will support devices whose screen size changes regularly. Several manufacturers are already present in this niche, especially Samsung and Royole. Besides, the South Korean brand arouses curiosity around its “inflinity Flex”. This foldable device would break the border between the phone and the tablet.

The MWC will open on February 25. Observers do not know if LG will offer this feature on the next G8 or if it will launch an independent series like the G-Flex. More details on these products are expected before the Mondial du mobile de Barcelona.

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