An iPod 5 this year?

Apple newsThe American site 9to5mac recently rolled up his sleeves and put his hands in the grease of iOS 5.1, and made an interesting discovery.

According to the buggers and the catch that adorns this page, there is mention of a "iPod5,1"in one of the files of the OS, which would be the code name not so secret that it gives the future walkman at Apple.

ipod 5.1

The current iPod (still not renewed for two years if we exclude the white model from last year), carries the label "iPod4,1". Although we do not know, we can guess that the evolution will be substantial enough to justify the change of numbers.

These changes, however, may be only internal, with the transition to a chip A5 or A5X as in the new iPad.

And obviously in this fog impossible to detect the least date of release. However, based on the habits of the firm headed, an announcement this fall for a release at the end of the year at the same time as the iPhone 5 is very likely.