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An iPhone SE 2020 based on iPhone 8?

This is the iPhone SE 2 that Apple should release at 499 €! [Concept]

iPhone-5-se-icon.pngFinally, here is the return of the iPhone SE 2 section rumors. Expected by some of Apple's customers, the small smartphone could return in 2020.

We were talking earlier about the 2020 iPhones with a note from Ming-Chi Kuo, but we had missed the passage on the iPhone SE.

iphone se 2 2020 isoft concept

An iPhone 8SE in 2020?

Ming-Chi Kuo has heard of new discussions within Apple about a second generation iPhone SE. As we mentioned recently in our concept, the iPhone SE would be designed on the basis of an iPhone 8. This small apple phone could therefore have an A11 chip and pass a screen of 4.7 inches, still in LCD.

In any case, the idea would be to have an entry-level floor price (Apple way) that allow to capture a part of the users left on Android for the good of their portfolio. There are no additional details on this iPhone SE 2020 but one might even think that Apple equips it with an A12 chip and grants it the Face ID to standardize its range.

If today's reports are true, knowing a size change for the iPhone 12 which would drop 5.4 inches and another for the iPhone 12 Max which would climb 6.7 inches, Apple has perhaps done the most thing intelligent possible at present. The iPhone 12R would remain 6.1 inches and the iPhone SE 2020 would offer the best solution for those who appreciate the compactness. And to differentiate them a little more in terms of price, Apple would reserve 5G for the first two with Touch ID under the screen, the Face ID and the A14 chip in the third (and of course in the models above), the last having the parts of the models of the past year.