An iPhone Lightning dock is available on the Apple Store

dock iPhone lightning Apple - Un dock iPhone Lightning est disponible sur l

Apple recently added a new product to its online catalog. It is a Lightning dock, allowing you to recharge and synchronize your iPhone in iOS 8 in an upright position.

Apple iPhone Lightning Dock - An iPhone Lightning Dock is available from the Apple StoreIn addition, this docking station has an audio output for active speakers. On its website, the Cupertino company gives some examples of use of the “iPhone Lightning Dock” docking station:

  • Connect the docking station to your computer using the USB cable (supplied with your iPhone) to synchronize it and recharge its battery.
  • Connect the docking station to an electrical outlet using the Apple USB Power Adapter (supplied with your iPhone) to charge the battery.
  • Place your iPhone on the docking station and enjoy clear sound during your speakerphone calls.
  • Connect the docking station to active speakers or a stereo using a 3.5mm cable (sold separately) to listen to music and podcasts from your iPhone.

The accessory is available at a price of 45 euros on the Apple Online Store and can be ordered now at this address. As of this writing, the dock is still in stock and delivery is, as always, free.