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An iPhone 5 completely revised?

An iPhone 5 completely revised?

New iPhone cases appeared on the Internet for a few hours this Thursday. Their shapes suggest that the iPhone 5 would undergo a radical change in its design.

While the iPhone 5 has not yet been announced, some props take advantage of this period to offer free visibility buzz! This is particularly the case for the reseller Case-Mate which has published on its site photos of three alleged models of cases called the iPhone 5. Photos which were removed a few hours later after going around the web . It is not the first time that we see photos of pretended tuis dedicated to the iPhone 5 but what is interesting, this time, what we can observe “an overview” of the device – o at least its concept – placed in the accessories. If the rumors of recent months remain true what reveals this new revelation, namely: a thinner iPhone, forms similar to the iPad 2, the volume buttons completely revised and a body "unibody" aluminum.

As a reminder, the iPhone 5 should be on the market next month and this is certainly not the last time that we will be able to assist the publication of such photos before the Apple press conference. The pressure is mounting…

We discuss it on the forum.

[Via BGR ]