An iPhone 4S fully realized in CSS3

An iPhone 4S fully realized in CSS3

A team of programmers has created an iPhone 4S fully implemented in CSS3, a computer code, with the sole aim of promoting their application. An original and truly impressive initiative!

This is not an iPhone 4S. Indeed, it is a code that reproduces an iPhone 4S, not a photo taken or a sketch of the device. The device is made up of 3395 lines of CSS code and 335 lines of Javascript code and can be activated, turned on and "unlocked" on their official website. Quite simply amazing work that was done by a small team of developers for the sole purpose of promoting their application.

The app in question is Ensoul, sold for 7.99 on the Mac. It allows you to create contact photos and wallpapers for your iPhone, with an impressive level of finish. But maybe not as much as the above work!

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Source: tjsrus