An iPhone 4S 1500 in Brazil

An iPhone 4S 1500 in Brazil

A Brazilian operator offers to acquire the iPhone 4S for nearly 1,500. The fault to the Brazilian protectionist side?

If you didn't already know, Brazil has its own economic market. Besides, if Apple hadn't set up iPhone manufacturing factories in this country, the sale of these apple phones would have been very uncertain …

strangely, while manufacturing factories are present in the country recently, the iPhone 4S has not yet been released! Suddenly, a somewhat strange thing happened, a Brazilian operator (Oi) sells a 16GB white iPhone 4S for the modest sum of 3,599 BRL (Brazilian Real – currency of Brazil). That equals 1,479.88 euros! Simple display error or simple desire to make an incredible profit from the Brazilian operator?

Recently, a snapshot of an iPhone made in Brazil was posted on the Internet. Apple’s latest product could therefore soon be officially sold in this country, at a normal price.

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(Via: The Next Web | DD. and AC. )