An iPhone 4 survives a fall of 4114 meters!

An iPhone 4 survives a fall of 4114 meters!

As incredible as it may seem, an iPhone 4 survived a fall of 4114 meters! Jarrod McKinney, its owner, forgot to close the pocket in which his smartphone was before jumping into a parachute.

In order to find him, the latter tracked his iPhone using a GPS tracking application that he had previously launched before jumping off the plane.

His instructor, Joe Johnson, tried to call Jarrod McKinney's iPhone 4 to see if it was still working, and indeed he got a dial tone. Although the glass front and rear sides have completely shattered, its iPhone 4 still works despite this vertiginous drop of 4114 meters! The latter was protected by an Incipio protection which broke at the time of impact.

The resistance of this iPhone 4 has impressed the instructor who wants to buy one in the event of a problem during a parachute exercise because this smartphone could continue to work for tracking thanks to the GPS chip if rescue personnel have to come and look for it.

For the record, Jarrod McKinney, owner of the iPhone 4, still continues to use his smartphone in his truck thanks to the Bluetooth connection. He plans to change the screen and other parts damaged by the fall.

Do you still doubt the resistance of your iPhone 4?

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Via [ CNN ]