An iPad future the size of a TV?

An iPad future the size of a TV?

An iPad future the size of a TV? – Soft iPhone

iPad 4Mike Elgan, a Silicon Valley reporter, just had an idea. And if the future iPad was the size of a TV, with the idea that it would be powerful enough to also replace the iMac?

Since the release of the iPod, all Apple products were as well designed for the general public as for businesses, according to this article. It would therefore be logical that an upcoming iPad is born to permanently replace computers in the office and TV in the living rooms.

To reach this conclusion, Mike Elgan simply thought of the improvements that we would like on the various current products. A more powerful iPad, a larger iMac and smarter TV.


To think about it, this idea is not so absurd because the famous slogan "This is a revolution"could regain its nobility." What do you think?


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