an integration in iOS and a lowered price

an integration in iOS and a lowered price

Apple is on the verge of finalizing the integration of the Beats Music service into its own ecosystem. According to sources close to the music industry reported by 9to5Mac, Apple could thus directly offer Beats Music in the Music application of iOS, as well as in iTunes and Apple TV.

Beats logo But Apple would not be limited to this, and to continue providing the service already offered to subscribers using other platforms, a new application could be offered on Android (no other version of the Windows Phone application is mentioned for the moment).

Still according to 9to5Mac, the Beats Music application has undergone a graphic overhaul in order to better integrate with the various Apple services.

The good news, in addition to finding the service in the next version of iOS, is in the price of subscriptions, revised downward. Formerly billed $ 9.99 per month, access to the platform's music catalog will be offered at a price of $ 7.99 per month.

We are far from the $ 5 monthly mentioned by Apple as the ideal price to bring together the majority of users of this type of platform, but the Cupertino company would have found it difficult to impose this idea on the majors. Nothing is announced regarding a possible free version financed by advertising.