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An insulting child by Siri

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In England, an iPhone 4S insulted a 12-year-old child while he was in a department store trying out the smartphone on a display stand. The system would have been tampered with to play a bad joke…

The adventure took place in a Coventry supermarket, where an iPhone 4S was available to the public for various tests. Bad luck for little Charlie Le Quesne, a 12 year old child, the system had been tampered with. The child was therefore insulted by Siri, who told him that he was "ugly" and that he "had to go see himself", to remain polite in the translation.

After the first try, Charlie's mother would have tried her luck herself with Siri and would have also noticed the insults. Store management was immediately notified and the iPhone 4S removed from the stand. The case caused a stir, to the point that an internal investigation was opened, with the aim of finding the person responsible for this bad joke …

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Source: 7 out of 7