Genius handicapé en Apple Store

an ex Genius handicap sues the company

Apple finds itself in the midst of a media storm since a former disabled employee decided to sue the company for not receiving support.

Genius handicap in Apple Store

A former Apple genius is suing the California company for failing to obtain the legitimate support that would have made it easy for him to work given his disability.

Robert Shaw is a thirty-three year old man in a wheelchair. He joined Apple in 2011 to work first in the Square One store in Mississauga (Canada) for six years, then in the Sherway Gardens store in Toronto (Canada). He found himself confronted with certain architectural limitations such as the opening of doors or the height of tables.

The man said he had received promises from the company that it would commit to creating automatic doors and dedicated tables to accommodate the wheelchair worker, but it never seemed to have happened.

In fact, four months after starting work in Toronto, the man began to experience numbness in his arms; symptoms due to tables being too high. There were three automatic doors (out of the seven stores), but the remote control never seemed to have worked properly.

In addition, a senior manager told Shaw, saddened by the situation, that he would not have promotions in the business if he was not satisfied with his role. Shaw then decided to prosecute Apple, represented by labor lawyer Andrew Monkhouse, who tends to point out how often Apple explicitly declares its proximity and support for those with disabilities.

Obviously, we do not know all the details of the case. The judges will make a decision after the case is completed and Apple's opinion heard.