an electric bike that undermines cryptocurrency when you paddle

50 Cyles is a company which has specialized over the years in the design, manufacture and sale of electric bikes. Launched in 2003, the firm thus has serious expertise in the field while the market has only really exploded for a few years.


Still with a head start, the brand recently launched Toba, a fairly particular model of electric bike since it makes its own cryptocurrency as the user progresses on the road.

To do this, Toba is connected to a mobile application installed on the user's tablet or smartphone in order to follow its progress in real time and thus transform each kilometer into cryptocurrency. The cyclist thus earns the equivalent of € 15 per 1000 km traveled in the form of LoyalCoin redeemable in vouchers from the 50 Cycles range or directly redeemable for other cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin, Ether or LiteCoin.

For 50 Cycles, this is about highlighting the fun aspect of its bikes, but also rewarding loyal users who participate in improving society by adopting ecological uses. Toba should be available next September for a price still unknown at the moment.

But in the meantime, you can always buy at a reduced price for example the Samebike LO folding electric bike at € 600, or the ES1 and ES2 electric scooters from € 292.