little torture session for the ultra thin smartphone

an autonomy which can vary according to … the countries!

Moto Z autonomyAs you know, the Lenovo group formalized several smartphones during its event in San Francisco. The technical sheet of one of them, the Moto Z, surprised some.

It turns out that thepromised autonomy by the 2600 mAh battery varies by region. In North America and Europe, we can thus consider up to 30 hours, while in the rest of the world, we can only hope "that" 24 hours. Still on the autonomy aspect, the Turbo charger provides 8 hours operation in 15 minutes. Once again, the data only concerns North America and Europe. The rest of the world will have to settle for 7 hours.

Information taking into account local network qualities or usage habits specific to each market? Technical characteristics which may vary slightly? Obviously we await clarification from the manufacturer.