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an application to simulate a couple's life

Some companies (all will say some) do not hesitate to take advantage of the misfortune of users to fill their pockets, and this is precisely the case of Invisible BoyFriend / GirlFriend.

Invisible boyfriend girlfriend Since today everyone has a smartphone or almost, and by extension, everyone prefers to spend their time on their screen than communicating face to face, singles may seem somewhat "disconnected".

To give them a semblance of "social" life (understand by the new term which means responding to an SMS or Facebook notification every 2 minutes) and save face in the middle of a group of friends, an application is available send you messages and pretend to be your boyfriend.

Invisible BoyFriend / Girlfriend is an application that will simulate a couple relationship for you. The user only has to choose the first name of his imaginary relationship, his gender and his age. It is even possible to define an alleged meeting place and from there it will receive hundreds of text messages, a dozen voice messages and a handwritten message each month.

The goal: to make those around you believe that you have a serious romantic relationship. The creator of the application, Matthew Homann said he had signed a partnership with a company to employ real people to respond to messages from its subscribers, who will have to pay the service 25 euros per month.

For the moment, the partner is not able to send gifts, but it is a service that should be offered when the application comes out of its Beta phase. Of course, it will be up to the user to pay the bill … The service should soon arrive in South America and Europe.