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An application to negotiate with your children

An application to negotiate with your children

The Close my deal application aims to suggest methods for finding compromises instead of entering into conflicts.


Here is an application that could help parents convince their children to tidy up their room, or even to do the dishes… Called Close my deal, this app was designed to suggest methods in order to find compromises, instead of going into Conflicts. The app will act by proposing methods depending on the situation. In practice, parents choose a situation and the app then offers them ways to make it easier to convince their offspring. App designer Clive Rich, 52, is a business negotiation specialist. By making his app available, he hopes that it will be able to better help resolve conflicts within the family environment. “Negotiating with a stubborn teenager is just as difficult as trying to win a contract in a meeting room”, he said, adding, "You have to collaborate with your children. At a time when they are ready to explore their world and all that it has to offer them, the rules and restrictions imposed by the parents seem useless since they are almost no longer children. "

Download the Close my deal app on the App Store (3.99 – in English).

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