an application to help the breeding of astrodes

an application to help the breeding of astrodes

NASA recently announced that a new tool will be made available to the public to better monitor asteroids.

observatory Asteroid Data Hunter offers amateur astronomers to put their passion to work by analyzing their photos from a PC or Mac environment.

The software analyzes the photos taken from the asteroid belt located between Mars and Jupiter and locates the bodies by comparing them to a database. If an unlisted asteroid is discovered, the software then offers to transmit the data to NASA, which will confirm its presence and record it.

Asteroid Data Hunter is the culmination of a project launched last year by the American space agency, which promised $ 55,000 to anyone who succeeds in improving its automatic asteroid detection algorithms. The project was very successful and quickly resulted in the software offered today.

According to NASA, the new software represents an efficiency gain of 15% over the previous detection models used so far. The community aspect of the program should make it possible to speed up the archiving of nearby asteroids, and in particular those that may constitute a threat to our Earth, by their size and their trajectory.