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An application to fight crime

An application to fight crime

In the face of rising crime, the United States police force is increasingly trying to involve citizens by providing them with applications to report crimes directly to local authorities.


Often, one may be tempted to photograph or film a driver who is making an offense in order to report the fact to the authorities. However, Belgian legislation does not support this type of initiative. In the United States, as in the United Kingdom, local authorities tend to encourage citizens to participate in civil order.

In practice, some police departments offer downloadable applications for iPhone, which citizens can use to report a crime. The iPhone's geolocation system locates the place, the user can then add certain information such as the license plate of a vehicle involved, the time, the number of people involved in the crime, and add a photo or video to support his deposition. The content is then automatically sent to the police department closest to the location of the crime.

iWatch is just one of many apps. If it opens certain doors to the door, it provides a proximity solution for the citizen who can help the police in certain investigations and inform the authorities of crimes in real time.

Ultimately, this type of service should also integrate new functionalities such as sharing detailed information on missing persons, crimes or dangerous weather conditions. And if for the moment only a few cities have armed themselves with such a tool, it is not impossible that the use of a citizen application used to report crimes is widespread.

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