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With 4 million visits and nearly 500,000 downloads since they launched 6 months ago Appmahal has proven to be a successful and useful app that makes life for workers as well as students easier. The purpose of this app is to enable users to share and recommend the best Android apps to their friends, family and social media followers, rather than having to search through the sheer number of apps available.

Especially since the amount of mobile apps keeps increasing and it is expected to keep increasing in 2015 Co-founder Khaled Swilat states that “Current search tools generally work fine if you know the exact name of the app you are looking for, but in most cases it is very difficult, if not impossible, to search for an app. based on its general description or functions. Many users don’t search for apps because they don’t know they exist, or if there is an app for what they’re looking for. ”This innovation was created by Arab programmers in Palestine and Jordan (who were nominated for the 2015 Edison Awards which recognize leaders in innovation), and it is available in Arabic, English and Spanish, with a version Chinese also in the pipeline. He was also the winner in the 2014 Red Herring Top 100 Global Awards.



AppMahal is a new way to discover and download the best Android apps and games without having to search. There are millions of apps to choose from, but finding the best free and paid games and apps is often difficult. Our philosophy is to bring people together through our own Android app and create a social community of app enthusiasts who can share and recommend the best apps to their friends, family and devotees. Word of mouth is often a better referral tool than anything else and through social media crowdsourcing we can make sure you will always know which apps are best for you.

As part of the Mahal Community App you will be able to share your recommendations and likes with other members. We believe that by creating a social network of Android apps, users will ensure that the best games and apps will shine above the rest. AppMahal allows people to connect and succeed. Users can connect their Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus accounts to view their friends’ apps and likes.

Download the free App Mahal app and connect with Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus to explore the best apps and games available through your social links.

Mahal App An application to discover absolutely

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