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An application to customize iOS without jailbreak

An application to customize iOS without jailbreak

Available since the end of October on the App Store, the application names a project icon that has been making headlines this week. This has the particularity of creating shortcuts to the different preferences of iOS as well as system functions, with the possibility of personalizing each icon. Features that were previously reserved for iDevices jailbreaks.

Developed by FMProject, the Project Icon application is sure to appeal to people who previously wanted to jailbreak their iDevice in order to personalize the iOS. Once launched, the app offers an image editor that allows you to create an icon from several models available from its photo library.

Then, the application proposes to link these new icons with the applications installed on the iDevice but also its preferences! Thus the user will be able to link an icon with direct access to Date & time preferences, Bluetooth, airplane mode, location services but also SMS, FaceTime, Skype, etc.

The application is offered at a price of 0.79.

We discuss it on the forum.

Demonstration video: