An Apple Store Brussels in 2014?

An Apple Store Brussels in 2014?

The first Apple Store in Belgium could land in Brussels in 2014. Its location could already have been chosen by the Cupertino company, revealed Echo.

The future building of Avenue de la Toison d'Or DR

There is no longer any doubt that an Apple Store will soon land in Belgium. It’s at least what claim our colleagues from Echo who say that, in all likelihood, the first Belgian Apple Store could land in Brussels in 2014. According to the same source, the store will take place in the new building of the promoter Prowinko, located avenue de la la Toison d'Or. A building comprising 14,000 m2 of housing, or 82 housing; 11,000 m2 of shops and a crèche that can accommodate 78 children.

According to our information, Prowinko has already applied for a building permit and hope to get it before the end of the summer vacation. Once the permit has been issued, work could start but the project should not however see the light of day before 2014 since twelve fourteen months of construction are estimated for this building.

Recall that the 361 Apple Stores open in the world generate no less than 15% of the profits of the Cupertino company. Each of them attracts an average of 22,000 customers per week. For a potential of 300,000 customers, only the cities of Brussels and Antwerp should be in the collimator of the American group.

Finally, do not expect confirmation of this information. Apple usually announces the arrival of these new stores only a week or two before their official opening to the general public. However, the writing of Belgium-iPhone will closely follow the development of this new dossier.

What do you think of such a location for a future Apple Store in Belgium?

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