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An app to experience the experience of a flight in 2050

An app to experience the experience of a flight in 2050

You have certainly heard, in recent days, of a hypersonic and ecological plane project which will be able to connect Paris Tokyo in 2:30, from 2050. This plane, baptized ZEHST (Zero Emission HyperSonic Transportation) and imagined by EADS, has t present the Paris Air Show (June 20-26, 2011 Paris). The tour of the revolutionary Airbus Concept Cabin is now available on the App Store, offering all visitors the opportunity to live the experience of a flight in a futuristic cabin.

The Futur by Airbus application allows you to take a virtual tour of the personalized "Revitalizing", "Smart Tech" and "Interactive" areas of the cabin, which replace the traditional, First, Business and Economy classes. At 10,000 meters above sea level, each passenger can observe the fabrics through the intelligent transparent walls of the aircraft, acting like a membrane, comfortably seated in a transformable seat that changes shape to perfectly fit their body, and collects the heat it generates to power certain systems. from the cabin.

“The Airbus Concept Cabin has aroused immense interest and enthusiasm worldwide”, said Rainer Ohler, Senior Vice President Public Relations & Communications at Airbus. “Our vision of air transport in 2050 was of great interest to the public who, thanks to this application, can discover that a flight is a real discovery, just like its destination”.

The personalized areas of the Airbus Concept Cabin are designed to offer passengers different experiences. The “Vitalising zone” (revitalizing zone) is a well-being space for the passenger, thanks to an air enriched with vitamins and antioxidants, ambient lighting, aromatherapy and digitopuncture treatments. In the “Interactive zone”, virtual contexts are planned and transport the passenger in the social environment he wants, ranging from holographic games to virtual dressing rooms for those who want to go shopping. Behind the cabin is the Smart Tech Zone, designed more specifically for passengers who want a functional space, and allowing them to continue living as if they were on the ground.

One hundred percent recyclable, the Concept Cabin uses self-cleaning materials made from sustainable natural fibers, which reduce waste as well as the number of maintenance operations required. It is equipped with an integrated neural network capable of identifying and meeting the needs of passengers. The Concept Cabin follows last year's presentation of the Airbus Concept Plane, a concentrate of technologies whose goal is to reduce fuel consumption, missions, waste and noise, and offers a new overview of some of the innovations and technologies that will become the daily lives of future passengers.

The Futur by Airbus app is available for free on the App Store in iPhone version and in iPad version.

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