Anonymous response after the Paris attacks

an Anonymous tackles Sngal

While Anonymous had initiated reprisals as part of the #OpCharlieHebdo operation which is continuing, pro-Islam hackers replied with #OpFrance. The latter are very diverse, ranging from cyber-jihadists to Muslim hackers who condemn terrorism but are shocked by the publication of Charlie Hebdo.

It is in this relatively confused context that we learn about the hacking of a website of the government of Senegal: the State IT Agency. This weekend, the site was the victim of a defacement and posted on the home page that it was the property of Anonymous.

This move took place in reaction to the Senegalese president's decision to ban the sale of Charlie Hebdo's "survivor number", which he considers the front page to be an unnecessary provocation. The defaced site has taken up this same cover page. " To attack freedom of expression is to attack Anonymous. We do not allow it. "

The specialized site ZATAZ for its part evokes the case of an Anonymous who hacked several sites of the Senegalese government. There are 140 of them with copied databases which he threatens to publish " if the Senegalese government does not correct the situation very quickly. "

This Anonymous says he supports the #OpCharlieHebdo cause but believes that it must go further. Via a Twitter account, it is possible to follow the hacks carried out by Anonymous with the rallying #OpCharlieHebdo.

The latest claims relate to the unavailability of the site with the message that Qatar is funding terrorism, a data leak from a site of the "army of Islam".