An advertisement across Iceland for Powerbeats Pro

An advertisement across Iceland for Powerbeats Pro

iphone beatsFor the summer, Apple, through its subsidiary Beats, proposes to refresh a little to the rhythm of Icelandic music and landscapes.

Indeed, the new Powerbeats Pro are here put forward thanks to the seven riders of the Paris Running Club in Iceland. These last raised the challenge Zero Dark Project which consists of running 24 hours in succession (in relay) through fjords, montages and other Icelandic valles. At the end, they will have traveled 280 km.

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The autonomy and comfort of Powerbeats Pro

Indirectly, Apple puts forward the arguments of Powerbeats. In the first line is the autonomy that allows to hold more than 9 hours per session. Then we find the comfort, compared for example to the airpods. Powerbeats cling around the ears and do not fear sweat or water. What to run without pressure.

Apparently if the athletes have finished the race, it is partly thanks to their …

Here is the promotional video of the PowerBeats Pro 2019: