Amid controversy, Orange is launching new 3G key offers

Invoice 3G Orange: a new record at € 160,000

Image 1: In the midst of controversy, Orange is launching new 3G key offers

Orange this morning presented its Christmas Internet access offers in mobility, in full controversy over the astronomical invoices of 3G keys (one at 46,000 euros and a new one today at 39,500). The opportunity for the operator to take stock of this issue.

Blocked plan to avoid overruns

A new 3G + Wi-Fi key is notably highlighted by Orange. The E5832 can share its network connection (in HSUPA for a higher upload speed) between 5 devices via Wi-Fi: computers, netbook or consoles. In particular, it can be combined with the new package available on November 19. Focused on e-mail use (84% of nomadic uses), it offers 1 GB of data communications, unlimited e-mail from Orange, Google, Free, Yahoo, Hotmail (83% of uses), 200 MB usable in roaming Europe (138 MB outside Europe). It will cost 30 euros per month for a 24-month commitment. With this offer, the key will be sold for € 99.

The problems of astronomical bill worry Orange. In terms of use, nothing is more worrying for the consumer not to know where it is with their consumption. The operator is therefore launching a new blocked package: for 15 € per month (12-month commitment), 200 MB (daily) and an additional 200 MB (weekends and during school holidays) can be used.

This 3G key market, first dedicated to professionals, is growing rapidly for the general public: “from 400,000 keys at the end of 2008, the million was exceeded at the end of September with an Orange market share of 53%”, specified Jean-Marie Culpin, sector manager at Orange. 3G coverage of more than 85% of the population. The objective is 98% at the end of 2011. An investigation is underway within the operator to find out all the details of the use of the subscriber on the invoice of 46,000 euros. While the average download is 400 MB per user, this Valenciennois downloaded 150 GB last August, a third of which in roaming via a connection to the Belgian Movistar network. Amicable settlement is desired by Orange.