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American justice and three tellers have reached an agreement

American justice and three tellers have reached an agreement

The eBook pricing deal continues to grow. However, three editors have reached an agreement with the American justice system and will therefore avoid the prison hut. Hachette, Harper Collins and Simon & Schuster are said to have agreed to pay $ 51 million in vouchers to buyers of lss eBooks. Apple, Penguin and MacMillan will therefore go to court to settle their differences with American justice.

Before starting legal proceedings against the various publishers suspected of price fixing, the American justice system tried to reach an agreement which would make it possible to avoid a scandal. Three editors accepted the terms possessed by the United States without discussing it and therefore left the stage by the back door, without causing too much damage to their brand image. They are Harper Collins, Hachette and Simon & Schuster. The case, however, will be settled in court for Apple and the two other editors who have chosen to confront justice directly rather than comply with its demands. The case is about to explode in the United States.

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(Source: 9to5mac)