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The application offers very good monitoring of your Ameli account in order to track health reimbursements and the various information in your file. The directory of health professionals and establishments is also very practical. An essential health app!

What is the Ameli Android app for?

Ameli is the name of the official Health Insurance app for Android. It is useful for managing your Ameli account and consulting the directory of health professionals from a smartphone or tablet.

Ideal for viewing your Ameli account:

As soon as the application is opened, the identifiers of the Health Insurance account are requested. The user also has the possibility of recovering his lost identifiers or of creating his account, the password being sent by post. Once connected to the account, it is then possible to consult health reimbursements and download monthly reimbursement statements.

Ameli also allows to manage the personal information of the user like his attending physician or his postal address. He can also ask questions by messaging to his insurance fund and even order his European Health Insurance card and view it on his device.

Useful research tools:

The application Ameli also integrates a powerful search engine to find professionals and healthcare establishments according to several criteria such as name, profession, type of medical procedure and location.

It should also be noted that a function is dedicated to finding the nearest terminals according to geolocation in order to print certificates or update your Vitale card.

And the grip?

Ameli is easy to use and convenient for managing your Ameli account for users of all ages.