7nm processor and GPU announcements for CES 2019

AMD processors: new low consumption models

As Intel expands its processor lines with new Celeron, Pentium and Core i3 models based on its Haswell and Broadwell microarchitectures, AMD completes its own with E-Series and A-Series models.

Not yet formalized, the processors in question have been seen in the documentation from the manufacturer Hewlett-Packard concerning laptops HP 245 G4 and HP 255 G4 to come. AMD would thus prepare processors E1-6015 and A8-7410.

AMD A-Series logo

Based on the Puma 28 nanometer micro-architecture, the first houses two 1.4 GHz Beema cores. It comes with a 1MB L2 cache and a Radeon R2 GPU.

Using a Puma + 28 nanometer micro-architecture, the second embarked on its side 2.2 GHz Carrizo-L cores in classic mode or 2.5 GHz thanks to a Turbo mode. The L2 cache reaches 2 MB and we are talking about a Radeon R5 graphics solution.

Both will target low-power desktop or mobile configurations that we will see arriving in the coming months.

In another vein, AMD is preparing to recall the introduction of its new Radeon graphics cards. Names have also leaked thanks to the latest Catalyst pilots.