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Amazon would prepare its own AirPods, with Alexa integrated

Apple is surrounded! The American brand already faces numerous counterfeits of its AirPods, both in terms of design and technology. The Chinese competitors are more and more important and are taking market share from the apple company. On the side of his voice assistant Siri, Apple is struggling to cope with Google and Amazon, which respectively offers Google Assistant and Alexa, two solutions popular with crowds. Well with this announcement from Amazon, Apple may see red since it will be competing in two areas: the AirPods, and the voice assistant.

airpods woman - Amazon would prepare its own AirPods, with integrated Alexa

According to Bloomberg, the online merchant would indeed develop its own wireless headphones to compete with those of Apple. Amazon would seek to offer headphones with better audio quality, but especially with the support of Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant. AirPods have had Siri since the first version, but only the second version of the headphones allows you to control Siri by voice: for AirPods 1, you had to tap twice on your headphones to benefit.

Alexa thus ensures domination at all times, since it is available on Echo speakers, on Bose speakers, but also on Free Free Delta! Amazon headphones are expected to hit the market in the second half of 2019. Maybe around Christmas. In terms of prices, nobody knows but Amazon has accustomed us to products cheaper than the competition, and to discounts offered to its Prime customers, as with its Fire TV. To have !