Do you have a Smart? Amazon delivers you straight to the trunk

Amazon tests delivery directly to car trunk

Starting next month, Amazon is set to conduct an astonishing test campaign in Germany: delivery directly to the trunk of the customer's cars.

If testing for drone delivery continues in the U.S., Amazon may find it difficult to enforce it everywhere, due to complex statewide legislation. This is why the company is looking for other options, including delivery to the user's car trunk.

The test will only be carried out with owners of Audi sedans who have subscribed to the Amazon Premium offer.

Amazon delivery car trunk

The system is simple: the customer accepts that his vehicle is geolocated during a time slot defined in advance. A delivery person then locates the vehicle and deposits Amazon packages there.

For now, we do not know what hardware or software will be implemented by Amazon to locate the vehicle or to access it. (We imagine that an application will allow the delivery man to unlock the trunk of the vehicle with a unique code provided The system could pose serious security concerns.

A similar service could also be used for package returns. If the tests are to be conclusive, Amazon could generalize its offer worldwide, to any customer and any vehicle.

Regarding the partnership with Audi, it could extend through a service called "Audi connect easy delivery" which would allow owners of the brand's vehicles to receive packages from other sellers who are part of Amazon's marketplace.