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Amazon Prime: how to unsubscribe and get a refund

Have you tried Amazon Prime and want to subscribe and get a refund? It is possible to cancel your subscription at any time, whether you are still in your trial period or not, and even to be reimbursed for the entire subscription in case you have not used the service. Here's how to cancel the Amazon Prime subscription and get your money back!

amazon prime unsubscribe

You have subscribed Amazon Prime but want to cancel it? It is common to subscribe to Amazon Prime simply because you have benefited, for example, from Prime Days, or made a purchase that you wanted to receive faster, without necessarily thinking about all the other advantages of the service. Generally, when you subscribe to Amazon service, it is mainly because of free delivery in one working day. But as you will be able to discover in our file, Amazon Prime is much more than a: access to Amazon prime Video, Twich Prime, Amazon Drive and Prime Photos, 1 free Kindle book per month …

However, it’s still possible to unsubscribe, especially if you don’t plan to make any other purchases on Amazon in the year and the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform isn’t of interest to you. In any case if you do not use the service you are guaranteed to get a full refund even after your trial period.

Amazon Prime: here's how to unsubscribe and get a refund

To unsubscribe from Amazon Prime it's very simple:

If you are still on trial

  • Go to your settingsby clicking on this link
  • Click onDo not continueto prevent your subscription from becoming chargeable then confirm

If you are a paying subscriber

  • Go to your settingsby clicking on this link
  • Click onEnd of membership, then once again on End of membership and finally opt for End now

In the latter case, if you have not placed an order, you can be very easily reimbursed the 49 euros for the one-year subscription. This is normally automatic within 3 to 5 working days from the moment you have followed the steps and you have not used your Premium account since you were debited for 49 euros for example to obtain delivery in one working day. If applicable, we recommend that you click here to contact Amazon support.

Amazon Prime Cancellation Subscription