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Amazon offers 90 Android apps

Amazon offers 90 Android apps

DeepBlueOcean wrote:


Crevax wrote:

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Crevax wrote:

candylover wrote:

you hate …

Yes, Amazon, they have a very crappy site and they impose their wills on publishers (cf. Hachette), and they are scheming to sneak between the laws. And Google bah … Big Brother what … More freedom, more privacy … Espionage, data theft and so on …

if you don't want all of this it will cut internet and mobile and there will be nothing left on you

Ah, but I would have to cut the internet, the phone and all social links, that I would not go to big cities or villages with video surveillance, no more transport other than on foot or by bike, no supermarket … is hard to keep total digital anonymity …

And once Crevax breaks his ass to do all this … he will walk down the street, look up … and say hello to the Google satellite which will take his picture …

that's it !!!!! Franky ……………. VIP

New year magic …

In fact, I won the contest for the biggest contributor of the month, and I won a month of VIP.

And then, as I did my check to support the 1901 law association "La Grosse Radio" (best rock / metal / reggae radio in France by the way) like every new year …

I said to myself, come on hop, I'm getting a Premium subscription from GNT.

Especially that at 12 € for a year, it's downright cheap!