Amazon now has its own planes to make deliveries

Amazon is embarking on the purchase of older airliners. While the company hitherto leased freighters for its deliveries, it now owns 11 aircraft and plans to acquire more in the future. The COVID-19 crisis has indeed brought down the price of air vehicles, which probably prompted the e-commerce giant to make this decision.

Amazon Prime plane

Amazon does not know the crisis. This Tuesday, January 5, the company announced in a press release the purchase of 11 Boeing 767-300. 4 of these planes were originally owned by WestJet and 7 by Delta, two US airlines. Until now, Amazon rented airliners to deliver parcels around the world. The platform now has his own personal fleet that these latest acquisitions will join in the coming months, the time to convert them into cargo aircraft.

These planes will be placed under the responsibility ofAmazon Air, who ”Plays a central role in delivery to customers by transporting items over long distances in shorter times”, according to the company. “Our goal is to continue to deliver to our customers across the United States in the manner expected from Amazon”, said Sarah Rhoads, vice president of Amazon Air. “Acquiring our own aircraft is of course the next step in achieving this goal.”

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The coronavirus crisis has lowered the price of airliners

Operational since 2016, Amazon Air is the entity responsible for leasing planes to airlines. A practice that the e-commerce platform do not plan to leave aside : “Owning a mix of leased and purchased aircraft in our growing fleet allows us to manage our operations more efficiently, and therefore deliver on promises made to our customers”, explains Sarah Rhoads.

While Jeff Bezos’ fortune soared 20% thanks to the coronavirus, the resulting crisis has sustainably impacted the aviation sector. The result: the price of airliners has fallen considerably, due to the drastic drop in the number of travelers during 2020. Opening at the same time a boulevard in front of Amazon, which could well acquire 85 other devices by 2022.

Source: Amazon