Amazon Audible deal: download a free audiobook and receive a voucher valid on

Amazon is currently offering a good plan for subscribers to its Audible offer. Download a free audiobook and receive a voucher to spend on

Amazon Audible good deal

Amazon Audible is a service for audiobook lovers. To encourage Internet users to adopt this new mode of consumption, Amazon has been offering good deals for a few weeks to attract new subscribers.

The current offer seems trivial, but you lose absolutely nothing to recover the 5 € voucher offered at the moment. The voucher can be used on many products sold and shipped by Amazon. With some exceptions. To put it simply, the firm offers you to download free audiobook to receive € 5 to spend on

This offer is “only valid for customers who are signing up for an Audible subscription or trial for the first time from the site ”. In other words, you get the voucher even during the one month trial period. You are free to terminate the subscription at the end of the evaluation period.

The benefits of Amazon Audible

You should know that an Amazon Audible subscription entitles you to a credit to download an audiobook for free every month. This credit also makes it possible to make the price of the subscription profitable: € 9.95 per month. Audible offers many other perks, including up to 70% price reduction on store audiobooks.

The catalog includes over 400,000 audiobooks. You no longer tire of having your eyes riveted on the screen of your e-reader, smartphone or tablet. Close your eyes and let the reader’s voice immerse you in the story. The Audible special offer is valid from December 4, 2020 at midnight to December 11, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.

The discount voucher must be used before March 11, 2021. To go further, we invite you to take a look at the other Amazon Black Friday 2020 good deals.