always more choices and prices soar

always more choices and prices soar

According to the research firm GfK, in 2014 1.2 billion smartphones will have found takers, a growth of 23% compared to 2013. The sector is doing relatively well and therefore augurs for the best on the eve of the opening of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

iPhone-6-iPhone-6-Plus All regions of the world are affected by this increase, which is however intended to be driven by emerging countries which see their networks open and terminals sell there more quickly. Thus, in 2014 it was Latin America which posted the strongest growth in terms of sales with 59% more than in 2013.

China posted a 9% increase in sales over the year, and remains one of the most important international markets with 393 million smartphones sold in 2014.

However, the Middle Kingdom saw changes appear in consumption, since if volumes increased by 9%, turnover increased by 21%. This is explained by the fact that Chinese users are equipping themselves with more and more sophisticated and more and more expensive smartphones: "This movement is confirmed everywhere since the segment between 5 and 5.6 inches gains 130% at the last quarter 2014, 150% on the whole year and will probably, in 2015, dominate the world market "indicates the expert Kevin Walsh.

2015 should therefore still give pride of place to large smartphones. And the differences should widen in terms of prices according to regions. If emerging countries were to see a host of very accessible devices based on open systems, high-end smartphones from major brands are now flirting with indecency. The price of better equipped smartphones now exceeds the 1000 euros mark, this was already the case with the iPhone 6 Plus, and it will be again with the Galaxy S6 in its best endowed version. A paradoxical situation even when in France, it is the mid-range terminals that are the most popular, in particular because users opt for packages without commitments requiring the purchase of a separate smartphone.