altstore Un store alternatif sans jailbreak, c’est possible via AltStore

Alternative app store without jailbreak, how to install it

altstore An alternative blind without jailbreak, it is possible via AltStore

AltStore allows you to download other applications, including games, without going through the App Store and without jailbreak. Often these are applications that have not been accepted by Apple or that use features that Apple does not prune.

AltStore, its principle, how it works, its future dAltStore

Although its installation is not as simple as a simple application from the App Store, its operation is enough. AltStore makes your iPhone believe that you are a developer trying out its own applications. All without a developer account or company certificate. An Apple account is required, but it may be different from your iTunes or iCloud. These data are not sent to third parties.

Riley Testut, iOS application developer, is the author. He also made the Nintendo emulator, called Delta, and works on the emulation of mobile video games. He announced yesterday the official and final release of AltStore this Saturday, September 28, but you can already download the beta version.

For the moment, this alternative blind has only 2 applications. Among the applications already present, NES games are supported thanks to Delta Lite. Full Delta is expected to arrive with the final version and several other game emulators as Riley Testut plans to support SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo 64.

With controller support on iOS 13 and iPadOS, you can play more comfortably.

Install AltStore

Without jailbreaking the device, there are still a few manipulations to do. You will need to run a server and use your computer whether Windows or Mac. Indeed, AltStore cannot download applications to your iPhone.

AltServer will install AltStore and the other applications available on this store.

Except that there are conditions to respect so that AltServer can download on your iPhone.

1. Make sure your iOS device and computer are on the same Wi-Fi network;

2. Activate Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi in the page Summary from your iPhone in iTunes (don't forget dApply);

3. Download AltStore here and install it on your PC or Mac computer;

4. Open the AltStore software from your PC or Mac computer;

5. You must now install AltStore on your iPhone, from Mac using the AltStore icon found in the menu bar or on Windows from the taskbar (see screenshot below Mac then Windows):

install altstore An alternative blind without jailbreak, it is possible via AltStore

6. Enter your Apple IDs (different or not from those usually used);

7. Normally, your account is protected by identifying two factors (if not, you can skip this step). You will then have to connect to the Apple ID management site to Generate a password ;

appleid generer mdp An alternative store without jailbreak, it is possible via AltStore

8. On your iPhone, go Settings > General > Device management > Developer app and Trust. The store will renew this Apple account every 7 days so that it is linked to the applications, but you can do it manually from the store;

keep altserver running An alternative blind without jailbreak is possible via AltStore

9. Open AltStore ;

10. Log in with the same Apple ID as in step 1.6.

You are ready to use this alternative blind. For Deltla, the NES emulator, AltStore does not provide a ROM.

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