All the steps before reselling your smartphone

All the steps before reselling your smartphone

Do you want to get rid of your smartphone or tablet, and think of selling it again? It is very important for you and for the protection of your data to prepare your device well this sale. Here's what to do and how.

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No matter who you give it or resell: you must always remove all data from your phone to protect your privacy. But before you go through the clean-up stage, there are several things you should not forget.

Data and external memory

Remove the SIM card: we often forget the little chip inside the device. Without it, you will lose all your contacts and many personal details will be available for the next owner. However, check that all your contacts are safe, it is possible that they do not save all of them on your SIM card.

Remove the SD card: you may be using an SD card to extend the memory of your Android device. Do not forget to collect it! To do this, go to settings < memory (or Storage) < Internal memory < Remove the memory card (or sometimes: Remove safely).

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<p style=Erase the SD card: if you choose to sell your smartphone or tablet with the included SD card, do not forget to first delete all the data on the card. This step is very easy: after saving what you want to keep, go to the settings of the phone, then memory (or Storage). You can then format the SD card.

Internal memory and restore to factory settings

Save all your data: the following steps will delete all the data from your device. This includes your contacts, images and videos, application data, messages, favorites, and custom settings. It is therefore essential to make a backup of these data, with an application such as Super Backup. You can also choose to save everything on your SD card if you decide to keep it.

factory setting
It's time to give your smartphone a boost by restoring factory values. / AndroidPIT

Restoring factory settings: You will now delete all data from your device, and restore it to the factory settings, ie in the same condition as when you purchased it. To do this, go to Settings <Backup & Reset. From this menu, you can also back up your data on Google servers by selecting Save my data. By experience, two backups are better than one. Finally, when you're sure you've saved everything you need, you can click Reset to factory values.

All these data will be deleted:

  • Google Accounts
  • Configuration data and applications
  • Music
  • pics
  • Other users' data
  • Associated accounts (Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter …)

For security reasons, it is likely that your device will ask for your PIN before restoring the factory values. On the side of the updates you have installed, it is possible that some do not stay on the device, it depends on the versions. However, the device will automatically offer its new user updates that are available to him.

And here! Your device is ready to be sold or sold! It's time now to enjoy your new device …

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