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All Italian Apple Stores will be closed this weekend

Coronavirus - Apple Store Italie

Apple has decided to close all of its stores in Italy next weekend, in addition to measures already in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus inside the premises.

Italian Apple Store

The worldwide coronavirus epidemic has forced Apple to temporarily close stores in the riskiest locations. And even if nothing prevents Apple from remaining open, all Italian Apple Stores will be closed next weekend. The compulsory closure only concerns shopping centers. However, since citizens can only travel for work or other urgent needs, staying open is practically useless and only endangers employees.

For the rest, Apple asked employees around the world to keep a safe distance from customers and force them to stay at least one meter from each other. In addition, simultaneous access to different stores will be limited. Apple has removed half of the seats to prevent the influx of users into the store.

In Italy, as in other parts of the world, all Today at Apple sessions have also been suspended and business hours have been reduced.