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All Apple Stores are closed "until further notice" # Covid-19

Apple Store

On the official website, Apple announces that all Apple Stores in the United States will remain closed "until further notice".

Apple Store

Even if the warning only appears on, the message will likely affect all Apple Stores around the world. This does not concern those in China who have reopened in recent days.

Apple previously announced that all stores will be closed until March 27, but today updated the deadline with the more generic "until further notice" message. This means that there is currently no definite date for the reopening of the Apple Stores.

The decision to delete the date of March 27 also does not serve to give false hope to users. Indeed, the situation linked to the Covid-19 pandemic is changing from day to day. Meanwhile, Apple has activated initiatives to make it easier for users to return, collect products, or ask for help.