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What is AliExpress?

AliExpressLike eBay or Amazon, AliExpress is an online sales site that allows thousands of Chinese online stores to sell their products directly to individuals without going through intermediaries. This platform is well known especially for its fashion items, its high-tech products and its electronic components at low prices and with advantageous shipping costs.

Simple and fast shopping

The app offers a classification of articles by categories, by trends, recommendations or by brands and sellers. The user can manage his current or completed orders, his sellers and favorite items, his token portfolio, his coupons and his messages.

Coupons and many promotions

AliExpress for Android also offers many coupons to benefit from discounts on certain stores as well as a system of tokens to accumulate and which make it possible to buy certain items or have promotions. For certain articles, the user can also receive a commission if he gives and shares his opinion.

A platform tailored for the French market

The application is available in French and supports many means of payment as well as the euro.

We would nevertheless like to underline that certain articles being sold on the international market, it is important to verify their compliance with the various French and European legislations.