Alice: 4 hours to mobile for new subscribers

Alice: a triple play offer at 19.99 euros

Alice doesn't want to dieThose who thought that Alice would slowly sink into anonymity once the union with Illiad was consumed, will have to revise their forecasts. The ISP offers all its new customers in unbundled areas a package that includes 4 hours of communications to mobiles. Called “AliceBox 4h Mobiles”, this offer is offered at 29.95 euros per month for one year and then at 39.95 euros from the thirteenth month. A novelty which is not really one since this promotional offer had already been launched from February 21 to March 31.

Alice opens hostilities

Woo hoo SFR / Orange / BouyguesOnce the 4 hours of communications have been exceeded, the additional minute costs between 3 and 6 cents in off-peak hours and 17 to 19 cents in peak hours to which must be added connection fees of 21 to 27 cents depending on the operators. Asked if such a model could arrive at Free, Illiad kicked in touch and clarified that no offer of the type was planned for green screeners for now. We thought that Orange or SFR would be the first to draw quadruple play offersOffer from an ISP (Internet Service Provider) which includes, in addition to the Internet subscription, a fixed telephone line and a TV decoder, or even… and it is the beautiful Alice who launches a first draft at a very aggressive price. Illiad would like to use Alice to hunt on the land of specialized mobile operators? At present, the parent company of Free has not specified what operational policy would be implemented to raise the bar of the former subsidiary of Telecom Italia which is experiencing some concerns of profitability.

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