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Aldiko eBook Reader2.0.2

Free, pleasant and well thought out, Aldiko eBook Reader for Android is one of the best software in its class. Its vast catalog of free French-speaking books, its ease of use, its neat interface and the support of ePub, PDF and DRM from Adobe will appeal to a wide audience. Pending further progress, the whole is to be discovered urgently and advised to those around you!

Reading books is a great way to get away from it all on public transit, on a break from work, at home and on vacation. If purists will always prefer contact with paper, the younger generations appreciate the advantages of electronic publishing. In the field, we find the Amazon Kindle, the Sony Ebook Reader and of course Apple’s iBooks software for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Notice to fans of the genre, Clubic invites you to discover an excellent free application for Android users!

With Aldiko eBook Reader for Android you will have access to thousands of free French e-books. With a vast library of classic ebooks belonging to the public domain, self-published books and original creations, you will surely find your happiness in French, English, Spanish and German. The set is divided into several categories and themes: action, science fiction, adventure, autobiography, erotic, fairy tale, historical, horror, humor, youth, police, religious, romance, news, war, westerns, theater, philosophy , poetry, psychology, science and travel. Among the paid books, we discover by default titles intended for professionals and novels in rose water. In addition, because of its support for Adobe DRM, you will be able to manually add almost all of the catalogs on the market to benefit from the latest releases in digital bookstores.

Well done and translated into French, the interface in high definition offers quick handling. The menus take up the now classic “library” theme. On these shelves, you can browse your collection of books, quickly access recent readings and of course rummage through online catalogs to download new titles. In addition to the cover, it will display the title, author, date of publication, user rating and a presentation summary. You can directly search for a book or let yourself be tempted by the thematic headings, the most popular, the latest additions and rankings by author by filtering everything by language.

Regarding the reader, it turns out to be particularly pleasant, effective, efficient and has serious advantages. A swipe or tap on the right or left, is enough to ensure the passage from one page to another with a gentle movement of horizontal scrolling. In addition, it will automatically memorize your progress and automatically open the last page viewed. To adjust the brightness, you only have to swipe from top to bottom left of your screen. On the menu side, you can quickly access a chapter with the “summary” button, add favorite pages, switch to “Night” mode, search the Google online dictionary or go to the settings. You will be able to adjust the fonts, the layout: line spacing, alignments, margins, brightness, but also customize the navigation controls, choose a theme and more conveniently lock the orientation in vertical or horizontal mode.

Finally, you can also read your own digital books with Alkido. Indeed, Aldiko allows the reading of digital books in ePub and PDF format, with or without DRM, whether or not they contain passwords. Also, you can quickly bring your books back to Aldiko’s digital library. To do this, you will preferably start by depositing your .ePub files in the “import” folder located in the “eBooks” directory found at the root of your “Androphone” SD card. Then, you will need to start the application, tap on the “Home” icon to access “Home” then click on the “SD Card” menu. All you have to do is navigate through the directories on your SD card, select the folder or folders containing your new ePub or PDF books and finally hit the “Import into Aldiko” button. After a few seconds of waiting, you will just have to go to your library to enjoy your favorite texts.

New Aldiko 2.0: In addition to an interface redesigned in depth, more pleasant and still as visual, this new version of Aldiko now offers support for ePub and PDF with and without DRM, the DRM system from Adobe and DRM with password. Because of this extended compatibility, you will be able to manually add all of the eBook catalogs on the market to take advantage of the latest paid books published in bookstores. In addition, there will be many improvements both in terms of performance, the playback engine, as well as the selection, import and dictionary functions.