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Al Gore confirms the arrival of new iPhones

Al Gore confirms the arrival of new iPhones

At a summit in South Africa, Al Gore (a member of Apple’s board of directors) confirmed that new iPhone models will be introduced next month.

As doubt arises from recent statements analysts claiming that there will only be one iPhone model on the market next month, an iPhone 4S in particular, new revelations coming directly from Al Gore are somewhat reassuring. Indeed, the former Vice President of the United States and also member of the Apple Board of Directors (since 2003) confirmed at a summit in South Africa on Wednesday that "new iPhone models will be released next month." The plural was therefore expressly used in this declaration. There would therefore no longer be any doubt that Apple could introduce an iPhone 4S which would adopt the same design of the current iPhone but with new and more specific specifications and also an iPhone 5 whose model will have been completely revised. Finally, it should be noted that this is the first time that a member of the Apple board of directors (excluding the CEO) has made such statements outside of the official communication from the Cupertino company. Could Apple have used this communication strategy to reassure its community of aficionados very impatient to discover the new generation of the product? It's possible…

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