Airtame: HDMI key to stream your computer screen via Wi-Fi

AIRTAME - Airtame : clé HDMI pour streamer son écran d

The connection cables are clearly becoming obsolete. To realize this, just look at the keyAirtame, a startup of the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, which allows you to project the image of the screen of your computer on Windows, Mac or Linux to any screen with a socket HDMI.

AIRTAME - Airtame: HDMI key to stream your computer screen over Wi-FiAirtame is already out of stock due to the growing popularity of its Wi-Fi gadget. Originally sold for $ 69, there are still a few copies of the two-key pack available. $ 169 on Ingiegogo. Delivery is scheduled for May 2014.

With the key Airtame, so you can for example load a YouTube video, put it in full screen mode, and send it (including sound) to your TV screen to enjoy it in the comfort of your sofa. At first glance, the display on external screens is rather fluid, but it is still too early to say all that is really possible to do with this gadget and what are its limits…