AirPods vs. Galaxy Buds vs. Powerbeats Pro: The Water Test

AirPods vs. Galaxy Buds vs. Powerbeats Pro: The Water Test

apple airpodsIf for you, the water resistance of the speakers is a priority, this comparison of the three wireless models of the moment will interest you.

Our colleagues from CNET have tested or rather tortured AirPods, Galaxy Buds and Powerbeats Pro. To understand this test, you must know that:

  • AirPods do not have a water resistance rating
  • The Samsung Galaxy Buds are certified IPX2 (protection against falling drops of water)
  • The Powerbeats Pro are certified IPX4 (protection against all weather conditions and resistant to strong water projections)

airpods powerbeats pro comparative water

The comparison of AirPods, Powerbeats Pro and Galaxy Buds

CNET started with a sweat test, as the last two products must succeed, but without warranty with the AirPods. But all three pairs of earphones passed the test without any side effects.

Then, the earners dipped in a transparent fish bowl. Surprisingly, all three of them have no impact on audio quality or microphone performance.

Finally, the earpieces were each subjected to a washing machine. The cold water cycle lasted 30 minutes. After half an hour of drying, it was not conclusive at all. After an additional 48 hours, if the Pro Powerbeats were functional, they did not sound as loud on the AirPods. Same on the Galaxy Buds who had even a wayward way.

Without certification, the AirPods are doing very well in this test waterproof can conventional. Obviously, do not try this at home, electronic products, even certified, do not like moisture.