Wireless headphone sales: Apple doubled by Beats, Bose, LG and Sony

AirPods stocks exhausted until January?

airpods apple iphone ipadBuying a pair of AirPods and then installing them under your Christmas tree is no easy task.

When they released in the fall of 2016, Apple's wireless headphones arrived too late from the original promise, a few weeks after Christmas. There will still be inventory concerns this year.

empty airpods stocks until 2018?

In the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, France and other countries, there are simply no more pairs of headphones in stock.

By doing well, or having a little luck, it is still possible to buy AirPods but the shortage seems to affect everyone since the resellers would not have much inventory either.

On the French version of the Apple Store, deliveries are announced for January 2, exactly as for withdrawals in stores in the Paris region.

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