AirPods: Apple's headset sales could double in 2019

AirPods Pro: the first update is available

apple airpodsApple has just launched a first update for AirPods Pro, high-end earphones available for a few weeks. The firmware changes little, from the build version 2B584 2B588.

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A minor update for AirPods Pro: no new ones

Without official communication, the new firmware is certainly l to correct some small bugs like the compatibility with some Bluetooth devices, chargers QI or adjust the sound quality. In any case this was the case on the first AirPods last year that had seen an update improve the bass and the stability of the wireless connection.

update airpods pro firmware 2b588

How to update the Airpods

To update your AirPods Pro, just patient because it is the system that chooses to download and install the new version. Try opening and closing the case near your iPhone, or remove the Airpods from the Bluetooth part and pair them again.

To see if you have the latest version, go to Settings> General> Information, then select your AirPods Pro to see the version of the internal program.

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