AirPods Pro are on sale!

AirPods Pro: the first reviews are starting to fall

airpods pro iconApple has launched its new range of wireless earphones, the AirPods Pro: the latter come with a number of new features, including active noise cancellation, transparency mode, in-ear design with multiple tips, a wireless charging case and resistance to water and sweat.

If the design is somewhat raucous on social networks (we remember that at the time, the mockery was numerous for the first version, before finally becoming ultra-popular), what interests us here are the first returns first customers.

Evening update : our test of AirPods Pro is online.

official white pro airpods

The AirPods Pro are already unanimous with the first tests

The famous YouTubeuse tech, iJustine, has already made a video on the new wireless speakers by trusting that she loves the design of the Pro model, unlike most of the tractors presented on social networks.

Only, the most impressive seems to come on the comfort during use, the holding of the ear in the ear, and the quality of the transparency mode to hear everything that happens around us.

Obviously, the young woman is already conquered:

The same story at Theicollection, the little frenchie who is interested in high-tech through his videos. He talks about his experience on Twitter, saying that in normal times, he has a hard time appreciating the intras costumers, but this time, Apple has managed to "make intras without feeling that we have intras". It is precisely this kind of detail that interests us, who receive our AirPods Pro tomorrow morning.

He talks more about it in his video test:

The YouTubeur SuperSaf, he believes that the new AirPods are worth their price, and that as for the previous, public opinion will quickly change their minds on the design and they will make a new cardboard around the world.

Is he right ? Hard to say, but the ct practice of new kids clearly seem to take over the rest …

What do you think of these new AirPods Pro?